I am the creator of these digital works that you can view under the Artwork tab.
Born in California in the late 70’s, then living in Washington state for many years,and now the thrill of being able to be the new resident in Maui;and now the wonderful metropolis of Honolulu.
This amazing beauty we have around, it’s of course gorgeous and warm,however many things are overlooked. I see the warm glove of the sunsets and ocean as well, but the true spirit I believe is in the natural intricate world that abounds.
intrigued by abstraction, since it is one form,in which I can hold on to my internal reality

without allowing the realness to be evasive. I want to be close to my subjects, but also distance myself a way.
I am interested in letting the viewer decide for themselves what the image might stand for.
I realize that this might portray itself as a good and bad concept, not always having a defined image
would make each piece quite different, it would allow me to continue with my ideas, since some
will transform themselves, while others emerge as a set of non objective forms. 


Stacy Schweigler